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Are you searching for a path to greater peace and serenity in your life? Look no further, because at Joti Healing, we offer a diverse range of healing services designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul.
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Judit had witnessed how the conventional medical system often left people discouraged as it only masked symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of their ailments, leading to prolonged suffering and inevitable complications. With this realization, Judit felt a strong calling to establish an integrative holistic healing center, making it her life's mission.
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At Joti Healing Center, we envision a world where self-healing is embraced, unity flourishes, and well-being radiates outward. As a non-profit organization, we bring together a diverse community of skilled holistic practitioners and integrative medical professionals.
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Wonderful Morrison

CEO of LeadHER Biz Academy
If you’ve never had Reiki, it’s hard to understand, but Judit is able to unblock, open up and get positive, healing energy flowing again. (I could literally feel my body tingling with my eyes closed and Judit wasn’t even touching me, oh and it was done virtually).


I have now had three sessions with Judit. The first session brought me back for a second. The second gave me results that I have been looking for since I suffered a disabling injury in 2016 where I have suffered in constant pain and lost everything I built for twenty years. I received complete pain relief and hope. I was sent so far into relaxation, it was as if I was given pain medication,
In fact I felt better than any pill could ever offer.
When my session ended I sat up and was free of sciatic, pain, discomfort and had mobility, Seven years looking for pain relief and I finally found it. My third session was today and because the results of our last visit were so incredible, I chose to have a Reiki session with Judit over massage therapy.
Again, I received complete pain relief after my session along with another release. I cannot wait for my next session. I am receiving such real results, that I am driving an hour each way to receive Judit’s services. I hope any one reading this will take a chance and have a session with Judit in person or over Zoom. Your session will create a positive impact on your life.
With gratitude, Deena


Joti Healing Client
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Judit and her awesome, powerful, insightful work, which has offered tremendous self awareness and deep healing. This is wonderful work to help us with challenges! #EarthAngelsRock