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Reset & Realign Package Special

You are successful, ambitious, and on the go, all the time.

Imagine what your life, and your business, would be like with more focused energy & inner peace.

Welcome to Reset & Realign, a proven method for grounding and deep relaxation.

Experience 6 consecutive weeks of Reiki or a combination of Reiki & hypnotherapy.

You will find that with your new focused energy, you will have the time and focus to work in your business without the burnout.

6 Sessions Special – $1,221, normally $1332

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Are you seeking out energy work? Are you looking to have a better quality of life with more vital energy? Are you looking to reduce pain? Are you looking to improve your sleep? Are you looking to complement your conventional or non-conventional medical treatments. Are you looking to boost brain health? Are you looking to improve your mental health. How can I help you? Individual Sessions – $222
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Hypnotherapy – Medical/Past Life and More

A natural yet altered state of mind with numerous beneficial characteristics. Engages critical thinking and problem solving intelligence. A self help educational process based on personal empowerment. Safe Environment - you are always in control! Individual Sessions $222 . A free 20 minute consultation is required before your first hypnotherapy session.
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You Shine Quest

Are you going through a transition in life? Re-entering the world after raising children, taking care of parents, divorce? Do you need to rediscover who you are now, who you’ve become? Discover the YOU Shine Quest. Experience a full hypnotherapy session, where together, we will discover the new you, ready to shine in the world. As part of your experience, within 72 hours, you will receive a personalized recording for up to 30 minutes, based on the new beliefs and affirmations we come up with together. You will be empowered! Listen to your personalized recording when you wake up or/and before you go to sleep at night, or any time of day. With repetitive daily listening, you will solidify and instill the new habits and beliefs, helping you show up in the world as your confident, empowered, self! $333.00
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Metamorphosis Package
It’s a great idea to make sure you take time to nurture yourself and your energy! Are you ready to bring your metamorphosis into your life?

Reiki and hypnotherapy are great ways to do that. Why not make it a priority this year and book at least one session most months?

You’ll be amazed at how taking time to look after yourself will have a positive impact on your wellbeing, allowing you to maintain your energy levels throughout your days!

Special offer of 10 sessions in 12 months for $2000

History of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that dates back to Japan over 2500 years ago. The practitioner, me, is attuned through special training, to transfer Universal energy that comes through their crown chakra and through their hands on to their client. The practitioner may or may not actually touch the client, however the energy shift is truly felt. Many of us have heard about the 7 main chakras in our bodies.

There are many more. Reiki energy healing helps to balance the chakras, helping you to release stuck and/or negative energy making you feel calm and balanced. It can be used to relieve many physical ailments, such as headaches and body tension, and emotional energies such as stress, anxiousness and sadness to name a few.

Clients report that they literally feel like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders, and they are ready to move forward with their day with ease. I offer a complementary consultation to answer all of your questions.